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Dell Executive Turns Dreams Into Reality: Opens an ISI® Elite Training Franchise

Dell Executive Turns Dreams Into Reality: Opens an ISI® Elite Training Franchise

In a recent episode of the Franchise with ISI® Elite Training Podcast, Adam Rice, CEO of ISI® Elite Training, sat down with Charles Yeager, Franchise Partner in Austin, Texas. During their conversation, Charles shares his journey from corporate finance at Dell to venturing into the fitness industry. Charles discusses his motivations for choosing ISI® Elite Training, the challenges of balancing a full-time corporate career with launching a new business, and the importance of team community in his entrepreneurial journey. Charles also reflects on the impact he aims to make and the vision he has for ISI® in Cedar Park. 

“I'm a runner, and I always have been. So part of it was just me, right? I'm like, jeez, if I could do my hobby for a job, how cool would that be?” – Charles Yeager [01:46 → 01:57]

Embracing Passion and Change: A Midlife Calling 

Charles shared that despite being content in his finance career at Dell, he felt a compelling desire for a change. The concept of personal fulfillment and the desire to make a tangible impact on people's lives led him to pursue entrepreneurship. Reflecting on his midlife calling, Charles expressed the need for a career that aligned with his passion for fitness, recognizing the potential of transforming his hobby into a profession.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Choosing ISI® Elite Training

After extensive exploration of various business opportunities, Charles found himself increasingly drawn to the fitness industry. His innate connection with fitness, coupled with a deep-seated desire to positively impact people's lives, led him to consider franchises in the fitness space. Charles emphasized that his decision to join ISI® Elite Training was guided by the organization's emphasis on community and teamwork, mirroring the ethos of his beloved running team.

“I'm working for my license and different things, and it was a little intimidating at first, but it doesn't take very long. You're like, okay, these guys are no smarter than I am. I don't have this [fitness] background but I can think things through. And I understand a lot of it's just about building relationships.” – Charles Yeager [07:04 → 07:25]

Balancing Corporate and Entrepreneurial Responsibilities

Acknowledging the demanding nature of his corporate role at Dell, Charles candidly discussed the challenges of balancing his full-time corporate job with the demands of launching his own business. Surprisingly, he noted that his foray into entrepreneurship had inadvertently augmented his effectiveness in his corporate role, leading him to focus on essential priorities and emerge as a more adept leader.

“Honestly, no matter what you're doing, you use data to make decisions. And what's most important, though, is your ability to work with people, and you get a strong team around you, and you've got them in the right seats.”– Charles Yeager [08:16 → 08:27]

Translating Skills: From Corporate Finance to Entrepreneurship

With over two decades of experience in corporate finance, Charles highlighted the seamless transfer of his analytical and leadership skills from the corporate realm to the entrepreneurial landscape. He emphasized the criticality of building a strong team and empowering them to execute the business vision, drawing parallels between his approach at Dell and his strategies at ISI® Elite Training.

Defining Success: Impact Over Numbers

Contrary to the quantitative focus of his corporate career, Charles articulated a shift in his definition of success as he ventured into entrepreneurship. While financial prosperity remained a consideration, his primary measure of success revolved around the ability to influence and improve the lives of his community through fitness and wellness initiatives.

ISI® Franchise Support and Core Values

Discussing the benefits of franchising, Charles highlighted the invaluable support received from ISI® Elite Training's headquarters. He stressed the importance of having a comprehensive framework and guidance, underscoring the convenience and efficiency provided by a proven franchise model. 

A Family Affair: Engaging Loved Ones

Sharing a glimpse into his family dynamics, Charles spoke fondly about his children's enthusiasm for his new venture, narrating how his son expressed eagerness to contribute to the business. With his family's support and involvement, Charles envisions his entrepreneurial journey as not just a personal pursuit but a shared endeavor that unites and inspires his loved ones.

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