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Discovering a New Path with ISI® Elite Training: Tom Sabella's Journey from Member to Franchise Partner

Discovering a New Path with ISI® Elite Training: Tom Sabella's Journey from Member to Franchise Partner

From Traditional Gyms to a New Approach 

Tom Sabella, a recent resident in Myrtle Beach, SC, had always valued staying in shape, but his fitness journey was far from straightforward. Tom’s fitness journey began in the NY/NJ area, where he frequented traditional fitness and wellness centers. These gyms had all the expected amenities: treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines and free weights. Despite these impressive facilities, Tom felt something was missing. 

“I’ve never considered myself particularly knowledgeable about fitness,” Tom admits. “My understanding was limited to basics like bench presses, curls and squats. I joined the gym to stay in shape, but I always felt out of my depth with the weight machines.” Tom’s primary fitness routine involved outdoor running, even in cold weather, as he never enjoyed treadmill workouts. However, the complexity of gym equipment and the lack of a structured workout plan left him searching for something more engaging and supportive.

The Power of Group Fitness  

A turning point came when a friend encouraged Tom to try a group fitness class. “To my surprise, I enjoyed it much more than solo workouts,” Tom recalls. This discovery led him to seek out a gym that fostered a sense of community and accountability. Unfortunately, his search through various group workout facilities, including kickboxing, cycling, and CrossFit, proved disappointing. “The instructors weren’t motivating, or the workout styles didn’t fit what I was looking for in a group fitness gym,” he explains.

Tom’s move to Myrtle Beach, SC, marked a new chapter in his fitness journey. In his search for a new gym, he stumbled upon ISI® Elite Training. “I knew nothing about ISI® but was hopeful it would offer the instructor-led, group-style workouts I enjoyed,” he says. His first session at ISI® Elite Training was a revelation. “I walked in alone and never felt alone again. The facility had an open floor with free weights and ropes – no intimidating machines. The high-energy coach played music and gave us a countdown to the start of the session.” The session exceeded Tom’s expectations. “The coach provided instructions, directions, and motivation. It was an amazing experience – something I had never encountered before. I had found my community!”

The Importance of Coach-led Training

Tom emphasizes the critical role of coach-led training at ISI®. “As someone who is workout illiterate, I don’t want to figure out workouts myself. The ISI® team offers knowledgeable and varied workouts, keeping everyone engaged and motivated. I saw results and noticed my gains quickly.” 

The structured, supportive environment at ISI® not only provided Tom with effective workouts but also instilled a sense of belonging and community. “The instructors are fantastic, the workouts are challenging yet rewarding, and the camaraderie among members is unmatched,” Tom notes.

Transitioning to a Franchise Partner 

Inspired by his positive experiences as a member, Tom made the significant decision to become a Franchise Partner with ISI® Elite Training. “The incredible experience as a member led me to take this leap. Becoming a Franchise Partner allows me to help others discover the same motivation, support, and results that I found at ISI®,” Tom explains. 

Tom’s journey didn’t stop at just one location. He is currently on the path to opening three ISI® Elite Training facilities, with the first one set to launch in Sarasota. His transition from member to multi-unit franchise owner underscores the transformative power of the ISI® community and its approach to fitness. 

“The process of becoming a franchise partner with ISI® was incredibly supportive. The ISI® franchise team guided me through every step, from selecting the right location to setting up operations and marketing. Their ongoing support ensures that I can focus on delivering the best experience to my members while growing my business,” Tom shares.

For Those Looking for a New Path

Tom’s story is a powerful testament to the benefits of ISI® Elite Training. For those considering joining ISI® or owning their own turf, his journey highlights the supportive community, effective workouts, and transformative results that ISI® provides. At ISI® Elite Training, we celebrate stories like Tom’s. They highlight our commitment to fostering a supportive community and delivering effective, coach-led workouts that drive results. 

If you're inspired by Tom's journey and are interested in becoming part of the ISI® family as a member or a franchise partner, we invite you to reach out and discover how ISI® can transform your fitness experience and entrepreneurial aspirations.