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Fit for Love: ISI®’s Perfect Match & Perfect Date

Fit for Love: ISI®’s Perfect Match & Perfect Date

Hello, again! We’re back and the journey to love continues…Now that our profile is out there, let's talk about the dream partner we're searching for. We told you we had standards, remember?! Let’s break it down…

Physically Fit

We're not just talking about someone who can touch their toes without grunting (although, that's impressive). We're envisioning a partner who embraces the art of sweating, someone whose passion for fitness is a full-body commitment. A workout sidekick, a swolemate, if you will. Together, we'll turn the business of fitness into a heart-pounding love affair.


We're searching for a partner with dreams as big as our own, someone who sees the limitless potential in every challenge and views setbacks as mere stepping stones to success. Together, we'll redefine what it means to be ambitious in both love and business. 

Loves Giving Back

Swipe right if you have a heart as big as your biceps! We're on the lookout for someone who shares our passion for giving back to the community. Whether it's organizing charity events or leading fitness initiatives that make a difference, we want a partner with a spirit that matches our own. Let's not just build a successful franchise but a legacy of positive impact.

Strong Financially

Look– money may not buy happiness, but stability sure makes the journey more enjoyable. We’re looking for a partner that makes smart investments financially, especially in the right people (aka, us). Together, we’ll build a franchise empire. 

Check out some of the people we've matched with so far...

Okay, so now you know what we’re looking for. But once we match, what’s next, you ask? Well, a first date of course. And don’t worry, we’re not a cheap date. Picture this: 

We Fly You Out

Pack your bags and fasten your seatbelt – we're flying you out to our hometown, Charlotte, NC. Whether you’re across the state or country, distance won’t keep us apart. Our first date starts with a plane ticket and a whole lot of fun. 

We Finally Meet in Person

First impressions matter, so let's make it unforgettable. We'll meet, exchange smiles, and introduce you to the heart and soul of ISI® – our community. Because if you're joining our franchise family, you need to get acquainted with the whole squad. Get ready for a warm welcome and possibly a few inside jokes. 

Share a Few Meals

What better way to connect than over a table filled with deliciousness? We'll share meals, laughs and swap stories while we explore our companionship. Food, after all, is the way to everyone’s heart, and we don’t shy away from having a good time.

Sealing the deal

It wouldn’t be a first date without taking you to our favorite spot for a 50-minute, high-intensity, low impact, sweat sesh…on the turf. Prepare to get your heart rate going, break a sweat, and finish feeling invigorated, challenged and wondering why all first dates aren’t this amazing. 

If you’ve read this far, it must mean that you’re our perfect match…So you know what to do: give us a heart by clicking the button below and let’s chat so we can plan our first date.