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From OrangeTheory Coach to ISI® Franchise Owner: Laila Tafazzoli's Story of Success

From OrangeTheory Coach to ISI® Franchise Owner: Laila Tafazzoli's Story of Success

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, ISI® Franchise Partner Laila Tafazzoli stands out as a shining example of dedication, resilience and vision. Her journey from being an OrangeTheory Fitness coach to becoming a member at ISI® and eventually owning her own ISI® franchise is not just a story of personal success, but a testament to the transformative power of passion and commitment. 

Laila's journey from coaching at OrangeTheory Fitness to owning her own ISI® franchise was fueled by her deep admiration for ISI®'s emphasis on strength-focused workouts and community-centered philosophy. Drawing from her experience as a former athlete, Laila felt a strong connection to ISI®’s workouts, which resonated with her athletic background and instilled in her a profound sense of belonging that distinguished ISI® from other fitness concepts. Having spent four years in the fitness industry, Laila cherished her work and the relationships she built within the fitness community. However, it was the unique experiences at ISI®, where she started as a member at ISI® Fort Mill, that inspired her to pursue franchise ownership. The sense of community and high-quality workout experience she encountered as an ISI® member fueled her desire to bring this transformative experience to more people in her community.

The pivotal moment in Laila's journey occurred when she stumbled upon a franchise opportunity brochure while working out at ISI®. Recognizing the alignment between ISI®'s values and her own vision for the fitness industry, Laila seized the opportunity to become an ISI® Franchise Partner and embark on her entrepreneurial journey, choosing the Dilworth location for her facility. This decision was rooted in Laila's love for the Charlotte fitness community and her desire to impact lives around her. By emphasizing community and delivering a unique workout experience, Laila has successfully attracted members and fostered a strong sense of belonging at ISI® Dilworth. 

Laila's commitment to providing exceptional workouts and fostering a sense of community extends to her leadership style as a female owner and one of the youngest franchise partners in the ISI® network. Despite facing unique challenges, (such as launching pre-sales during a global pandemic), Laila has demonstrated resilience and vision in navigating the complexities of owning a fitness business. 

Looking ahead, Laila's vision for ISI® Dilworth includes expanding to multiple locations and continuing to impact communities, promote healthier lifestyles, and empower her team to achieve personal and financial growth. Her overarching goal is to build a network of facilities that positively impact the lives of members and team, creating a ripple effect of wellness and community across Charlotte and beyond. Laila Tafazzoli's journey and story serves as an inspiration for aspiring fitness entrepreneurs and underscores the transformative impact of building a fitness community that prioritizes strength, community and holistic wellness. If you're interested in owning your own ISI® franchise and being a part of this journey, click here to learn more.