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Love Notes to ISI®: In the Words of Friends

Love Notes to ISI®: In the Words of Friends

We’re back again with another exciting chapter of our love saga – and this time, we're shifting the focus to the real deal: what our friends have to say about us! After putting ourselves out there in the quest for our perfect match, we figured, who better to dish out the details than our friends? Because let's face it, when it comes to honesty, your friends always have the inside scoop…

Haywood and Bri – The Dynamic Duo: 

Our esteemed friends, Haywood and his wife, Bri, proudly own three of our longest-standing ISI® locations. Their shared love for fitness and community has forged a strong bond between us, and Haywood is here to tell you firsthand the tales of ownership and what the first 90 days of being friends with us really looks like.

Aaron & Abigail – The Innovators

Another duo, Aaron & Abigail, are our friends who moved from Indiana to North Carolina and are the powerhouses behind the ISI® location in Matthews, NC. Our tight bond began when they embarked on the exciting journey of acquiring and rejuvenating the existing facility, transforming it into a bustling center of activity. Hear the truth from Aaron & Abigail on their initial hesitations about boutique fitness to the vibrant community they've nurtured.

Charles Yeager – The Visionary: 

Meet Charles, our reputable friend and owner of the ISI® location in Cedar Park, TX. From corporate finance at Dell to the fitness industry, Charles is candid about his journey, challenges and vision for ISI®. Hear Charles shed light on the inherent challenges of juggling a demanding corporate career while simultaneously launching a new business.

What's Next? 

Now that you've heard from our friends in the franchise frontline, you're probably wondering – what's next? Well, buckle up, because the adventure is just getting started! Whether you're a fitness fanatic, a business guru, or a community champion (or all of the above), there's a place for you in the ISI® family. 

If you're ready to take the next step in your franchise journey, and think you’re a match – let’s chat. We’re still available. 😉