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That's What She Said: ISI® Women in Leadership Unfiltered

That's What She Said: ISI® Women in Leadership Unfiltered

Want to hear the tea from our recent Women in Leadership Roundtable? Host Amanda Hall, COO of ISI® Elite Training, gathered to the (virtual) table with ISI® Franchise Partners and incredible female leaders: Brooklyn Hodge, Mallory Bryson, Ellen Abbott and Laila Tafazzoli to chat about their experiences, insights and how they overcame challenges as a badass female leader. 

Embracing Imperfectly Perfect 

Brooklyn, owner of ISI® Grovetown & Evans, GA, kicked things off by sharing her battles with the pursuit of perfection. Because let's face it, who needs perfection when you're juggling a gazillion roles? The roundtable vibe? Embrace your quirks, own your chaos, and let's conquer the world. 

The Strength in Asking for Help 

Mallory, owner of ISI® Waxhaw, NC, dropped truth bombs about the transformative power of asking for help. Why does it seem so hard? Spoiler alert: it's not just about solutions; it's about creating connections that can withstand a hurricane. Ladies, vulnerability is the new superhero cape. Ellen, owner of ISI® Denver, NC, added how being vulnerable not only helps you connect with the people around you, but also makes you relatable, even as a leader. 

Balancing Life like a Boss

More like work-life synergy, according to Brooklyn! She spilled the tea on how she maintains an equilibrium between her professional commitments and family life, highlighting the crucial recharge time we all need. Laila, owner of ISI® Dilworth, NC, chimed in with her approach to not only balance her own life, but also ensuring her team embodies that balance, too. Laila sets the standard where loyalty and well-being within an organization makes the team Elite.  

Self-Care That Slays 

Mallory gave us the lowdown on fighting self-care guilt, Brooklyn dropped truth bombs about the magic of me-time (Target visits included), and Amanda spilled the beans on finding zen in the morning quiet before chaos ensues. Pro tip: Embrace the chaos, but make sure to keep your cup full!

Empowered Women, Empower Women

In a nutshell, our Girls' Night In showcased the power of women embracing life through the ups and downs with grace and a dash of craziness. By sharing their vulnerability, strategies and mantras, Amanda and the four amazing guests, Brooklyn, Mallory, Ellen and Laila, shared laughs, sipped their tea and enjoyed the company around the table. 

Listen to the full roundtable here

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