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Breaking the Mold: Brooklyn Hodge’s Journey From Teacher to Multi-Unit Owner of the Year

Breaking the Mold: Brooklyn Hodge’s Journey From Teacher to Multi-Unit Owner of the Year

In the heart of Georgia, Brooklyn Hodge emerges not just as a successful ISI® multi-unit owner, but as a guiding light for those who want to break free from the chains of dissatisfaction and are seeking value beyond the conventional. Brooklyn, alongside her husband Joe, embarked on a journey that transcended the ordinary – becoming the first ISI® Franchise Partners in 2020. Brooklyn’s journey, from the realms of teaching to the coveted title of Multi-Unit Owner of the Year, is more than a success story…it’s a roadmap for those yearning for a meaningful venture into franchise development. 

The Catalyst for Change

Brooklyn's story takes root in the soil of dissatisfaction, a discontent that so many people can relate to. A former teacher, Brooklyn felt a void, a misalignment with her purpose. Despite her love for teaching, she found herself feeling drained and knew it was time to explore new avenues. The decision to leave teaching, a career often perceived as stable and noble, was not easy, but Brooklyn yearned for more – a life where she operated in her purpose.

Franchise development isn't just about profit margins; it's about empowering entrepreneurs to take charge of their destinies. Brooklyn's journey serves as a living testament to the idea that franchise ownership isn't reserved for a select few — it's a path that anyone earning for more with determination, strategic vision, and the right guidance can traverse.

Saying Yes to Ownership

The message isn't sugar-coated; it's a gut punch – "Yes, you can." Brooklyn's story isn't just about teachers turning into franchise owners; it's an anthem for those who are sick of the mundane and are ready to pursue something more. As the first Franchise Partners of ISI®, Brooklyn and Joe had an approach that goes beyond the standard norms, showcasing how innovation, resilience and a commitment to authenticity can redefine success in the franchise world. 

Defining Success and Leading with Purpose

Brooklyn and Joe's journey is a testament to the success that can be achieved within ISI® Elite Training. Since opening their first location in January 2020 and a second in the fall of 2023, they have gathered over 650 members across both venues. Joe, a veteran and former Marine, serves as the president of the FAC, while Brooklyn works full time in the business, overseeing leaders at both locations. Joe's unwavering dedication to his full-time gig in project management adds a layer of complexity to their hustle.

Beyond being awarded ISI® Multi-Unit Owner of the Year, Brooklyn's definition of success transcends mere financial achievements. For her, success is intertwined with the happiness of her team, the satisfaction of her members and the sense of contentment in her personal life. Balancing her entrepreneurial endeavors and her role as a mother of five, Brooklyn leads as an example for those seeking to do it all in both their personal and professional lives. Her emphasis on finding fulfillment in the present moment underscores the value of leading with purpose and creating a positive impact beyond financial metrics. 

In the vast landscape of possibilities, Brooklyn's story stands tall as a beacon, inviting others to join the ranks of who dared to say, "Yes, I can." The ISI® Elite Training community isn't just a franchise; it's a movement filled with those who lead with purpose.

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