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Fit for Success: How Aaron and Abigail Verlinde Became the Dynamic Duo Behind ISI® Matthews

Fit for Success: How Aaron and Abigail Verlinde Became the Dynamic Duo Behind ISI® Matthews

Meet Aaron and Abigail Verlinde, the dynamic duo behind ISI® Matthews in North Carolina. From Indiana to Charlotte, the Verlindes found not just a new home in Matthews, but also a calling in ISI®'s unique approach to fitness. Today, they stand as proud owners, business partners and community builders, exemplifying the spirit of ISI®'s commitment to transformation and positive energy.

Finding the Right Fit – The Path to ISI®

Abigail, originally from Louisiana and an LSU alumna, and Aaron, with a sports background in football and baseball, form a perfect match in running the ISI® franchise. They are not only life partners and parents to three children, but also passionate business partners forging a path in the fitness world.

Their journey with ISI® began during a visit to Abigail's parents in Matthews, where a simple Google search introduced them to our community. Despite initial reservations, they quickly fell in love with ISI®'s unique blend of fitness and community spirit. From that point forward, each family visit to North Carolina included a session at ISI® Matthews until they decided to make the move permanent, purchasing a home just a couple of miles away from the facility.

Cultivating Passion and Energy in the Matthews Community

Upon taking over the existing ISI® location, the Verlindes set out to infuse energy, excitement, and empowering workouts into the facility. Their commitment to creating a vibrant atmosphere within the fitness community has revitalized the space. Leading with enthusiasm and a dedication to being positive influences, Aaron and Abigail have successfully fostered a culture where members are inspired to transform their lives through fitness.

"Energy is a big deal...I think the passion that we're bringing back in the facility, it's kind of been contagious." – Abigail Verlinde

A crucial aspect of their success lies in building a dedicated and passionate team. By empowering their staff and fostering a sense of belonging, they've created an environment where individual talents and abilities can thrive. Strategic engagement with the local community further reinforces the growth and stability of ISI® Matthews. By participating in community events, outreach programs and even coaching in programs like Pop Warner, Aaron and Abigail have shown a genuine commitment to being integral parts of the Matthews community. Their dedication to connecting with members on a personal level has solidified their position as community leaders and influencers.

Steps Towards a Larger Vision 

In sharing their journey, Aaron and Abigail stress the importance of perseverance and consistent, purposeful steps toward realizing a larger vision. Their dedication to cultivating a robust community, embodying vibrant energy and nurturing the growth of ISI® Matthews serves as an inspiring example for those looking to embark on a similar path.

"Even if you're starting from ground zero, it's like you just got to rip the band aid off and do something." – Abigail Verlinde

So, if you're wondering whether becoming an ISI® Franchise Partner is the right move for you, Aaron and Abigail have some sage advice: start with small steps, constantly seek support and always focus on the next task at hand. At ISI®, it's more than just about fitness; it's about community, transformation, and positive energy. The Verlindes are living proof that with passion, commitment and the right community spirit, success is not just achievable – it's inevitable. 

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